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A Masterfully Written Review For Indie Game: The Movie


Movies based on video games are plentiful, but finding ones that are actually worth a damn are few and far between. It’s no big secret that they’re notoriously awful, but, though this subset of video game movies is relatively small, documentaries that focus on the medium have had a great track record in my experience. One very entertaining and informative example of this is “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.” The gaming community can safely chalk up another spot in the win column with “Indie Game: The Movie.” This documentary follows different independent game developers at different stages in their production. It details how these games get started and what goes into making them. As consumers it’s easy to forget that there are people behind the the games we sometimes take for granted, but as this movie clearly shows there’s a lot more to developing a video game than writing lines of code.

Dustforce Review

I hate cleaning. It’s a tedious, dirty thing that is required if you want to keep up status as a sane person. It’s not like you can expect your friends to treat you the same when you invite them over and a year’s worth of soap scum has built up in the shower or there’s hair on the couch from three dogs ago. That sort of stuff tends to stand out. I’ll tell you what though…if cleaning was half as fun as it is in Dustforce with your ninja-like janitor, I’d be all over it.

The Binding of Isaac review email review


We spend a good amount of time on the site here and on the podcast talking about games. What we love, like and hate. But even when we’re not writing or podcasting about them there’s a good chance we’re still talking about them. What follows is an email conversation about The Binding of Isaac, the Rouge-Like PC game from the Super Meat Boy guys that just hit Steam. Devilishly difficult, and completely random dungeon crawler. Does it read like a standard review? No. But we think that’s sort of the charm in it.

Let’s Watch! Indie Game: The Movie (The Trailer)

Arguably the best thing about download-only services like Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the like has been the rise of the indie game. Taking away the cost and red tape of a boxed retail distribution system has given us some gems that we might not have had access to previously, often solely created by one or two person teams.

Filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot (of Canadian-based digital film production company BlinkWorks) have been putting together a film that tells the story of some of these games and their creators. They’ve managed to sit down with Jonathan Blow (of Braid fame), Team Meat, Phil Fish (of upcoming title Fez, the highlight of PAX East 2011 for me), Jason Rohrer (Passage) and more. That’s pretty much the Who’s Who of the indie game world right there. Hit the jump to check out the fantastic, just-released trailer.

Ep #00013 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

This podcast had the unintended outcome of a central theme. The topic that seemed to come up over and over again was that while we enjoy getting excellent products and services, we really hate how companies can be so damn high and mighty about it. It’s no small coincidence that Apple is part of that discussion.

Going in we all thought this show would end up shorter than most, and while it definitely is that… it’s not by much. I guess the standard PGM show is always going to be around the 90 minute mark. A question for the listeners then…. is that too long? Too short? We obviously want to make the product our users want, so let us know!

Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00013 a listen!

Ep #00012 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

Welcome again everyone to another episode of Perpetual Geek Machine! It’s episode 12 which is in itself hard to get excited about since it holds no arbitrary significance to us. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t bring our A game… cause we most certainly do.

This show is spread all across the map in terms of topics, since we hit video games, zombie tv, keytars, board games, and deep space exploration. Enjoy the show!

Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00012 a listen!