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Ep #00049 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

This is the last you’ll hear about PAX East 2012 from us for a little bit. Or, at the very least, it will die down to a dull roar. We promise, but we’re not good at keeping our promises. Sort of.

Plenty of good What’cha Been Doing action in the first half of the show, a recap of our weekend at PAX and a 5 Hit Combo that breaks the tie between Dan and Ryan for overall wins. It’s a good’un.

Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00049 a listen!

Hey, you got your Nerdist in my Perpetual Geekery!


For one night only, some of your friends here at Perpetual Geek Machine went nerd, well, Nerdist to be precise. In his unannounced quest to become king of all nerd media Chris Hardwick has been taking his Nerdist podcast on the road, and this past Friday it landed in the City of Brotherly Love.