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Ride the skies to the rainbow kingdom in Whale Trail for your favorite iOS device


Willow the Whale is having a pretty bad day. Turns out getting chased about by Baron Von Barry (an evil “thing”) kinda sucks. But Willow has a plan. He’s going to use the power of the Whale Trail to ride a rainbow into the sky and then fly to all the colorful kingdoms of Rainbow Land. Sounds like an acid trip your parents told you about they had back in the 70′s? Possibly. But it’s also an awesome new iOS game for your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

A quick look at OpenFeint on Android


The popular social network for mobile gaming, OpenFeint, recently launched for Android-powered phones so I decided to take a look at what this thing that our iOS friends have been experiencing for quite a while now was all about.

There are 8 games launching with Feint support with 5 more promised as “coming soon” as of this writing. The launch games are: . (Dot), Flick Kick Field Goal, Fruit Ninja, MiniSquadron, Super Slyder, Symbolism, The Moron Test and Tic Tac Toe Free. The 5 “coming soon” games are FaceFighter Gold, Flick Kick Football, Flick Kick Rugby, Mega Jump and MUST.EAT.BIRDS.

Hit the jump for my impressions of the service and three of the games.