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Ride the skies to the rainbow kingdom in Whale Trail for your favorite iOS device


Willow the Whale is having a pretty bad day. Turns out getting chased about by Baron Von Barry (an evil “thing”) kinda sucks. But Willow has a plan. He’s going to use the power of the Whale Trail to ride a rainbow into the sky and then fly to all the colorful kingdoms of Rainbow Land. Sounds like an acid trip your parents told you about they had back in the 70′s? Possibly. But it’s also an awesome new iOS game for your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

PGM Holiday Gift Guide 2010: i-Apps

With the impending pagan holiday ushering in a new flock of Pads and Pods and Phones, now seems like a good time to pick out some tasty software from the Apple iTunes Store That Is Also Actually An App Store Even Though It’s Still Called iTunes. Wading into that armpit-deep morass of cheap cash-ins and fart autotuners to divine what is good and what is garbage can be… well, it takes a lot of time.

These are apps that I may find useful, but not necessarily. There are acres of text out there describing the best productivity apps, or great games, or best knitting reference tools. This isn’t that. Instead, these are what I show someone who just bought an iThing, when they want to see something super cool. It’s boring to whip out an iPad and show off a to-do list, even if the interface is bound in sumptuous digital leather. No, you want to see the thing dance. You want to see something unique.

Without further ado: my list.