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  • Ep #00100 – A Love Letter to Game Shows



    Ep #00088 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    When this podcast hits episode 88, you’re gonna see some serious shit.

    Sorry, had to. I guess this podcast does produce some serious shit, if by serious you mean only two of us showed up. Real life seemed to hit us on all fronts, leaving me (Dan) and Adam to recap PAX East 2013 as well as chat up about Tabletop Day, Doctor Who and Luigi’s Mansion. Plus some other assorted nonsense. We had fun making it, hope you do to listening.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00088 a listen!


    Ep #00082 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Another Friday, another Perpetual Geek Machine podcast!

    ….Back from a (well deserved) hiatus. We’ve retooled the show a bit, tried to tighten things up to being you a meaner and leaner show.

    Segment 1, which used to be everything we’ve been doing has been pared down to hopefully include more of what you’re actively interested in. 5 Hit Combo has been moved to the middle of the show. We decided we want the show to run about an hour, as our shows were creeping up in time and we don’t want to ask that much of your time. Anything time leftover after 5 Hit Combo will comprise a general bullshit session that will include more of what we’ve been doing, but back catalog type stuff. But always trying to be mindful of that hour time length.

    This weeks show goes over time, which you can either believe happened because there’s 4 of us on the show, or we’re TERRIBLE at adhering to our own rules. Your choice.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00082 a listen!