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  • Top 5 Things of 2012: The Rich Coonelly Edition!

    We here at Perpetual Geek Machine think life as a nerd has been pretty spectacular in 2012. Great movies, games, tv shows and more. We’ve made friends with Nicole Kline, and then put her to work writing here! Rich got engaged, Dan bought a house. There’s a good chance Ryan and/or Bryan did something adorably Canadian. Kevin spent most of the year brewing beer and Adam made it through the latest Mayan apocalypse mostly unscathed!

    Just like last year to celebrate the end of this trip round the sun we got together to run down our top 5 favorite things of the year. We then presented those during part 1 of our spectacular year end podcast. In part 2 of that podcast we whittle out lists down to a Top 5 to represent the site as a whole, and then 1 singular item that is Perpetual Geek Machine’s favorite thing of 2012. Last year The Muppets was our winner. What will take the crown this year? Listen to the podcast to find out!



    Skyfall Review

    I am not what you would call a James Bond fan. Sure, the movies are fun sometimes, but they can be little more than stylistic action movies with a protagonist that I find very uninteresting. To top it off, I think Daniel Craig is the worst Bond since George Lazenby. Why is it that I found myself drawn to Skyfall so much this holiday season? Is it because Daniel Craig has started to come into his own as Bond? Is it stellar action? Is it because Javier Bardem steals the show as the villain? Is it Javier Bardem’s crazy hair? Actually, all of these things combined made me love “Skyfall.”  (more…)


    Taken 2: Electric Boogaloo Review

    A couple of weeks ago I jokingly titled “Taken 2” as “Taken Too” because the premise of the sequel to the 2008 action film is nearly identical to its predecessor. The only thing that’s really changed is who is taken this time. Happy in how clever I thought I was giving a silly title to what looked like a rehashed but otherwise decent action movie, I went about my business and thought nothing of poor reviews I started to hear. Little did I realize just how representative my ridiculous title was to the actual movie.  (more…)


    Dredd 3D – Dispensing Justice…and Refreshing A Franchise?

    It’s hard to mention the movie Judge Dredd and not audibly groan. Sylvester Stallone’s take on the comic book character is a travesty of film, and it sent the Dredd character and franchise back to the stone age. I honestly thought we’d find out who killed Kennedy before we saw another attempt at this series. Thankfully we did not have to wait that long because Karl Urban breathes new life into Judge Dredd in this fun and fresh action movie.

    If you are unfamiliar with the story of the Judge Dredd universe, war has ravaged the world and there is not much left. Those that survived formed a massive, walled-off city in which violence runs rampant. Here the police act as the judge, jury, and executioner and may kill you for seemingly minor offenses in an attempt to maintain order. In “Dredd,” the titular character and his rookie trainee are locked in a massive slum tower by a drug kingpin called Ma-Ma. Their goal is to take down Ma-Ma and her operation or die trying.  (more…)


    The Bourne Legacy Review

    In a similar manner to the fourth Bourne novel originally penned by Robert Ludlum and passed to Eric Van Lustbader, this fourth entry into the Bourne movies also passes the torch from Matt Damon to Jeremy Renner. “The Bourne Legacy” follows Aaron Cross, another highly gifted and trained assassin forged by the CIA, as he dodges bad guys sent to eliminate him as a result of Jason Bourne’s actions from the previous three movies. Though the title of the movie implies Cross will continue to bring the fight to the CIA as Bourne did this movie has less to do with carrying on his predecessor’s  work and more to do with carrying on Matt Damon’s work of making money from a successful action franchise. Though I hate to measure this movie against the previous three it’s difficult not to look at “The Bourne Legacy” and see that it is vastly inferior. (more…)


    The Dark Knight Rises Review

    For more than ten years now, Christopher Nolan has proven time and again just how gifted of a storyteller he is. The varying degrees of excellence he brings with all of his movies reminded me of the consistency that Pixar has shown with their movies until recently. Unfortunately, Nolan’s latest movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” suffers from the same dip in quality that Pixar suffered with “Cars 2,” though, whereas “Cars 2” may have just been not very good, “The Dark Knight Rises” is fucking awful.


    The Ask And No Answer: Prometheus Review


    One of the aspects of science fiction I love is that it almost effortlessly makes you forget that you need to suspend your disbelief to consume what you’re about to experience. The name of the genre itself implies what could be, and any doubts about how plausible a movie’s premise might be simply vanish. This genre invites you to wonder and escape like no other genre can ever achieve.

    Ridley Scott has made some of the most influential science fiction movies ever, and he tries once more with Prometheus. Though this movie takes place in the same universe as Scott’s franchise, Alien, it is only loosely related to the series and should be considered more of a stand alone film. This movie follows Prometheus, a ship launched from Earth near the end of the 21st century to a distant planet that scientists believe holds the key to discovering the origins of mankind. (more…)


    The Pool’s Not Safe – Piranha 3DD Review


    It’s no big secret that I have a fascination with terrible movies. I get just as much, if not more, amusement from watching a B-movie than I do from watching a movie that is legitimately well made. But I can’t simply watch any old piece of crap. The B-movies that really speak to me start out with the best intentions, and they end up being unintentionally funny. Case and point being, The Room. The other types of B-movies I love are the ones in which the cast and crew know exactly how stupid their plot is and how bad their effects are. The actors, writers, and the director just have fun and try to convey that to the audience. Though it had the makings for greatness, Piranha 3DD is anything but fun. (more…)


    The Life and Times of Max Payne


    On May 15, 2012, the video gaming world was graced with another entry in the long absent Max Payne series simply entitled, Max Payne 3. Though not nearly as iconic as Mario or Sonic, the titular character of this franchise is just as welcome on my television screen as any gaming character, and my excitement for the latest entry was palpable. Since I was fortunate enough to play a small segment of Max Payne 3 at PAX East last month, my time with the game conjured up fond memories of my previous adventures with Max, and it made me wonder what noir story could be constructed to do justice to the character and series after being away for so long. I thought it would be worth delving into who this character is, what this series is about, and why I think it is important to play. (more…)


    The Avengers Review


    Marvel movies of late have never seemed particularly good to me. Sure, they can be entertaining with well-done action sequences but that’s about where my interest stops. These movies tend to lack quality and they range from okay to pretty good. The plots have started to run together for me because they all mirror each other. The bad guy hatches a plot, the hero steps up, tries to overcome a personal obstacle and defeats the bad guy in the nick of time. “The Avengers” looked like more of the same and I was in no rush to go out and see it. I was confused when so many people kept telling me how good it was and I was even more confused when I found out how much money it was making. Maybe Marvel had stepped up its game and made a super hero movie that gets out of its comfort zone? Not really, but I had a lot more fun watching this than I did with “Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “Captain America” and “The Incredible Hulk.” I missed “Thor”, but I don’t think I’m missing much. (more…)