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Click Clack Jumberjack


Click Clack Lumberjack is a fun party game for anywhere from two to ten players. It comes with a plastic tree, which, sort of like how Jenga must be set up ahead of time, has to be built prior to play. The bottom is a stump, and the rest of it is made of core pieces, to which four pieces of bark are attached to each one. Some of the bark pieces have grubs in them, which will give you an extra point and extra turn if you find one.

The Geekly, PGM’s Weekly Report Of Cool Things! (10/10/13)


Welcome to another spooky edition of the Geekly! I’ve got lots of great Halloween-themed stuff for you today, so I hope you’re ready!

First up is all the amazing Halloween costumes I’ve been seeing around the web. This Jawns costume is amazing, and this Labyrinth family is just outrageous. If you’re still looking for a costume, you could always go as a Gameboy, or pick up a Morphsuit, because why not be horrifying, right? If you want to go the classy route, you could check out this medieval armor, which would go great with those Mitmunk leggings you’ve had your eye on.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (10/3/13)


Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! There’s plenty of geekness to talk about, including Breaking Bad, Pinny Arcade, and new stuff at Thinkgeek. Read on and get ready to open your wallet!

Let’s talk about Breaking Bad, and how amazing that finale was. I was blown away completely by the perfection of the ending, even if some people had issues. As far as I remember, that question WAS answered – but who am I to challenge the New York Times? The important thing is that this t-shirt exists and I am probably going to buy it, if I haven’t bought it by the time you see this post.

The Geekly, PGM’s (semi) Weekly Report of Cool Things! (9/26/13)


Hello, fans of the Perpetual Geek Machine! This is Nicole, returning from my long hiatus. I was so busy before/during/after PAX Prime that I’ve had no time to do anything at all! But I’m finally getting back to my regular routine. I’ve been saving up lots of cool stuff to share with you, so I hope you’re ready for a super packed Geekly!

The first thing I need to get out of the way is all of the amazing Game of Thrones stuff I’ve been seeing everywhere. The first one is Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn and their 9 dinner specials created in honor of Game of Thrones characters. My favorite drawing is of Arya, but my favorite food pun is definitely Sandor Eggane! Here’s a bunch of pictures of the cast of the show totally out of character, which is adorably disturbing. And in case you’re not like me, buried under a huge backlog of games, you can check out the Game of Thrones 8-bit video game, which is pretty awesome. These Game of Thrones NFL sigils are pretty amazing, too. And finally, I really love the way this artist put these Game of Thrones characters in 80s and 90s fashion. Oh, and in case you wanted some cool Game of Thrones stuff, here is a Weirwood Snow Globe for your desk.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (8/15/13)


Welcome, dear readers, to another exciting edition of the Geekly! Today marks the two year anniversary of my relationship with my darling boyfriend, Anthony. To celebrate, we were planning on going out to dinner. However, the new Dungeons & Dragons Encounters kit came in, and character creation is supposed to start tonight, so instead, we’re heading to Redcap’s Corner for that. It’s fitting, since that’s where we met!

There are so many cool things on the Internet right now that it’s hard not to pull my wallet out and just start buying everything! But I’m trying to keep my head on straight, as PAX Prime is coming up. Speaking of which, have you seen the amazing Pinny Arcade pins they’ve announced so far? Last week, they announced all of the straight PAX pins, and this week, they announced all of the third-party pins! I am so excited to get my hands on some of these. They’re beautiful!

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (8/7/13)


Hello, dear PGM readers! Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! My favorite thing right now, besides Max-Arthur, the shark-costume-wearing, Roomba-riding kitty, is this amazing collection of classic movie scenes imagined as pages in Little Golden Books. The one about the toe still has me laughing. I also love this list of 30 famous actors you didn’t recognize in famous roles.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (7/31/13)


Hello again, dear readers, to another exciting edition of the Geekly! It’s been a hot summer, and I wouldn’t mind eating this awesome watermelon Chain Chomp to cool off. Imagine seeing him at a barbecue! You would definitely know you were in the right place.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (7/25/13)


Hello, Geekly readers! Sorry for skipping it last week, but there just wasn’t enough geek to all go in one place. Now that the dust is finally settling from San Diego Comic Con, though, there’s plenty! I mean, no tthat there isn’t always at least a little, but, you know. Some geek weeks are slower than others!

Let’s Play: The Agents Card Game


In Agents, a brand new card game that just hit Kickstarter, players fight one another with both Faction Agents and Free Agents to gain the most points and win the game. This game of intrigue and suspense is surprisingly deep and full of tension, but can also be a lot of fun.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (7/10/13)


Welcome to another edition of the Geekly, PGM’s weekly list of the geekiest things on the Internet! This week, I mostly talk about books, so I hope you’re ready to drop some dough on sweet digital reading!

But first, you need to see Console Wars: The Musical, a West Side Story-inspired video about the arguments over the newest consoles. Some of you will be pleasantly surprised by how it ends.

Krackades Kickstarter Q & A


Looking to spice up your board game night with something quirky and interesting? Then you might want to check out the Kickstarter for a game called Krackades. It’s “Charades on Crack,” as creators Cyrus Khajvandi and Jeffrey Pickhardt call it. We were lucky enough to be able to ask Cyrus a few questions about his game, which you should check out (and Kickstart!) when you’re done reading this. It’s finished this Friday, so hop in quickly and help it get funded!

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (7/3/13)


Hello, hello, PGM fans! The Geekly has been on hiatus – actually, almost everything I do has been on hiatus, as I was moving into a new apartment! But now that the dust has settled and there are only a handful of boxes left to unpack, I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been saving up all the great stuff I’ve been seeing on the Internet, though, so get ready for a wild ride!

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool things! (6/12/13)


Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! There’s really not too much going on this week… I mean, not too much other than the insanity that is E3! For those of you who aren’t into video games, sorry about your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, which are likely being inundated with video game information. This is like my Christmas! Though I wish I could be playing most of these games… which I won’t be able to get until Christmas for real.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool geek things! (6/6/13)


Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly, where Perpetual Geek Machine rounds up the best stuff on the Internet! We’ve got a great webcomic, some stuff about video games, and, of course, some Schadenfreude about Game of Thrones.

The Geekly, PGM’s Weekly Report of Cool Geek Things! (5/29/13)

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! I’ve got lots and lots of great stuff for you today, so get ready to be WOWed by geekiness!

Wizard World Philadelphia starts tomorrow (whoa!), so i thought I’d start this off with a photo of a little girl dressed like Stan Lee.

Before I dive into the tons of video game stuff I have, I’ll mention the other awesomeness first. Did you hear about the giant Lego X-Wing in Times Square? You should! You also need to check out this beautiful collection of then and now photos of the various Disney parks. Speaking of amazing buildings, this church on stilts will blow your mind.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool geek things. (5/15/13)


Welcome, friends, to another installation of the Geekly! I’ve found some interesting stuff around the Internet in the last week, and I hope you enjoy it!

Now that I’ve finally beaten Dead Space 3 (it took me long enough!), I can especially appreciate this crazy, fan-made working Plasma Cutter. This amazing replica “weighs about 4.4 pounds, took about 200 hours to build, and features 1,500-milliwatt burning blue lasers.” How long until I can own that myself?

We man the stronghold and take out the undead in our reivew of: ApocalypZe The Card Game


Apocalypze is a card game in which survivors of a zombie apocalypse fight against each other to the death. Playing as one of four factions – Bikers, Civilians, Police, or Soldiers – you defend your stronghold, scavenge for supplies, and use Raiders to mercilessly attack the other survivors. The last faction standing – meaning the last faction with enough resources to still feed its people for one turn – wins.

Apocalypze is a complicated game, but once you’ve played it once or twice, it’s easy to get the hang of. The directions have a handy cheat sheet in the back that gives you the quick and dirty rules of how each turn is supposed to go. The rules themselves are long and fairly complicated, and I’m pretty certain we did most of it wrong the first time.

The Geekly, PGM’s weekly report of cool geek things (5/8/13)


Hello, world! The Geekly has finally returned! And I’ve got lots and lots of neat stuff for you today. What have I been the most obsessed with lately? Well, I love the latest Story Bundle, which is ten video game books/magazines for just $10. And I’ve got World 1-2, an incredible chiptunes album, on repeat at all times. Amazing stuff!

What else? Well, Monsters!, the game I wrote the story for, is on sale now, and you should buy it! And tickets to GameLoop Philly, happening next Saturday, are on sale now. And speaking of things I really want to go to: the Twofivesix Kill Screen conference is happening this weekend. Too much awesome!


Star Wards Room

Welcome to this week’s Geekly, the PGM round-up of all the cool geeky things around the web! Read on for some neat ways to store your books, some of my favorite Kickstarters going on right now, and why the next three months are going to be busy ones for geeks.

I’m an avid reader, so book nooks are a fascinating thing to me, and something I aspire to one day have in my own home. This one is lovely, and I would imagine I’d spend hours folded up inside of it. But for a real masterpiece, check out this wonder. You could actually read by daylight, curled up in the sun! What a dream come true for a book nerd. I also adore this neat bookcase, even if it’s not really practical. Whatever!

The Geekly, PGM’s Weekly Report of Cool Geek Things (1/10/13)


Welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! Let’s start this one off with a bang: Kickstarter announced that people around the world pledged over $83 million dollars to games in 2012. That’s incredible! Check out their sweet Best of Kickstarter 2012 slide show. 2013 started off with a bang for games on Kickstarter as well, as the super creepy Kingdom Death: Monster made over two million dollars. I, personally, really want to put some money on Rivet Wars. Just watch that video and you’ll be hooked!