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  • Podcast Ep #00115 – Our Top Things of 2013! (also, goodbye)

    Well folks, this is it (for now). Perpetual Geek Machine as we know it in this form is shutting down. It’s been a grand run of 115 episodes, most of which we’re really proud of. In addition to feeling a bit jaded about how hard it can be to get your podcast into peoples’ ears the crew here has also been lucky to be saddled with not one, not two, but 3 baby geeks. While this is certainly cause for celebration, it’s also a sobering reminder of our dwindling free time that’s only going to grow smaller with 3 new geeklings in the wild. So, best to send the site off rather than see it putter out. We’ll still be kicking around online on twitter and and still be stomping around at PAX East though.

    For out final show we’ve got a banger on our hands. It’s something of a tradition around these parts. We all sit down and come up with a personal “Top 5” list for the year. Then we share them all, debate them out and come up with 1 singular thing we think it’s the top “thing” of the year. Previous winners include The Muppets return movie and the Mars Rover. What takes home the crown this year? Listen and find out!

    As we put the show behind us and lock up as we leave, it behooves me to thank each and every one of you that listened to a show, or commented on a post or interacted with us in any way. We enjoyed it, and hope you did to. Not going to say goodbye, because I bet at some point we power this beast back up and see if she still runs.

    Love live the Geek!

    Here is a direct podcast link for people who don’t fuck around.


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