Ep #00101 – Code Names Batman, Wolverine & Verity


Here’s one of those shows that we love to do, the kind that has a little bit of everything for everyone. There are books, video games, card games, movies and comic books on the agenda this evening. Then “The Dan’s” ™ face off on their lists on the Top 5 ways they’re most likely to become famous. After that we have a voicemail (856-282-0042) and Dan Zuke has been working on his own card game for a bit and is comfortable enough now to talk about it.

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Show Notes

What’cha Been Doing– (10:22)

  • Code Name Verity
  • Wolverine
  • Batman ’66
  • Retro/Grade
  • DC Deck Building Game

Break“Houses On The Shore” – I Come To Shanghai (30:25)

5 Hit Combo(35:22)

  • Top 5 ways I’m most likely to become famous
  • Daniel Vs. Daniel Lloyd

Voicemails/Outro (59:42)
BS Session (1:03:47-End)

  • Dan Z has been working on a game!

Total Run Time – 1:12:16

Daniel Zuccarelli


Hey I was the one who sent in the voice mail. I got nervous and forgot to say my name.

Ah! You’ll receive full credit in the next show. Thanks again for sending it in!

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