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  • Ep #00095 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Welcome to a new Perpetual Geek Machine podcast!

    In addition to audio goodness this particular podcast is available as a video google hangout! Just check our youtube page.

    This one ran long, especially nowadays since we really try to keep the show at an hour, but we had some special things to cover. In addition to the normal rundown of what we’ve been up too we break down the Xbox One announcement and then tease up our new upcoming completely redesigned website!

    Also, if you’re around on Monday June 10th we’re going to live a large part of the day on Google Hangouts chatting about the various E3 press conferences. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for deets.

    How bout that Game of Thrones huh, that’s some crazy shit no?

    Here is a direct podcast link for people who don’t fuck around.

    Here’s the breakdown on where to find/follow us online!

    iTunes | email | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Tumblr | YouTube | 856-282-0042

    Show Notes

    What’cha Been Doing– (2:42)

    • Arrested Development
    • Behind the Candelabra
    • Wizard World
    • Plague, Inc.
    • The Ghost Brigades
    • Princes of the Dragon Throne
    • Oracle of Ages

    Break– (52:54)

    Bullshit Session(54:19)

    • New Xbox!
    • New Website!
    • E3 Live Google Hangout!

    Total Run Time – 1:27:49


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