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  • Top 5 things of 2012: The Ryan Hewson edition!

    We here at Perpetual Geek Machine think life as a nerd has been pretty spectacular in 2012. Great movies, games, tv shows and more. We’ve made friends with Nicole Kline, and then put her to work writing here! Rich got engaged, Dan bought a house. There’s a good chance Ryan and/or Bryan did something adorably Canadian. Kevin spent most of the year brewing beer and Adam made it through the latest Mayan apocalypse mostly unscathed!

    Just like last year to celebrate the end of this trip round the sun we got together to run down our top 5 favorite things of the year. We then presented those during part 1 of our spectacular year end podcast. In part 2 of that podcast we whittle out lists down to a Top 5 to represent the site as a whole, and then 1 singular item that is Perpetual Geek Machine’s favorite thing of 2012. Last year The Muppets was our winner. What will take the crown this year? Listen to the podcast to find out!

    #5 The Avengers
    The Avengers. If you told me in 1990 that someday there would be not only a good Avengers movie but that it would be one of the most successful films ever, I simply wouldn’t believe it. As a nerd I feel very spoiled by the quality of our comic-movie conversions. Well at least the Marvel ones. Most of ‘em.

    #4 Introduction of the Tesla Model S.
    Someone finally making a really nice, relatively affordable (at least comparatively speaking) electric car that doesn’t look like a Nike shoe. Won MotorTrend’s 2013 Car of the Year, a first for an electric. Gives me hope that we’ll actually get of the dinosaur juice in our lifetimes.

    #3 XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
    The return of western turn-based strategy to videogames. A near-masterpiece that despite absolutely not being able to spare the hours, I somehow plunged over a hundred into the game anyways. Wish Mass Effect had this combat system. Also hard games can still be fun, who knew.

    #2 The Hobbit’s 3D/HFR (high frame rate).
    It’s a fucking modern miracle of moviemaking. Not so much the 3D, which was simply nice and not overdone, but the 48 FPS, which is a bit weird at first, but then you want every single film to have this going forward. The future of cinema. And most of our fancy HDTVs already support it. It’s really, really mind-blowing; has to be seen to be understood.

    #1 Curiosity rover.
    A well-deserved shot in the arm for the NASA program and pretty awesome science/nerdy stuff all around. The video animation of what that robot did when it crash-landed so expertly is some Transformers type shit that would have made Carl Sagan cry tears of joy (and not just from the dope he was smoking). Moar robots. Moar.


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