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  • Top 5 Things of 2012: The Bryan Wall Edition!

    Just like last year to celebrate the end of this trip round the sun we got together to run down our top 5 favorite things of the year. We then presented those during part 1 of our spectacular year end podcast. In part 2 of that podcast we whittle out lists down to a Top 5 to represent the site as a whole, and then 1 singular item that is Perpetual Geek Machine’s favorite thing of 2012. Last year The Muppets was our winner. What will take the crown this year? Listen to the podcast to find out!

    #5 The Avengers Movie.
    Let’s face it: the Batman movie kinda sucked. The Amazing Spider-man movie was not-so-amazing. So the big comic-book movie ended up being the Avengers…and it totally delivered. Not only did Joss Whedon give me everything that I wanted (tons of action and a snappy script), but he DIDN’T give me everything I DIDN’T want (more back story and origin crap). Not to mention that the Avengers seemed to seep into just about every facet of popular culture, including a facebook game that has kept my constant attention since it started many months ago.

    #4. The Onion.
    Did they do anything new this year? No. But what they did, they did so very very well. We got all the same sarcasm and cynicism that we’ve come to love, but this year they really seemed to knock it out of the park with their American Election coverage. They also continued to give us the most honest sports coverage around, at least in the sense of saying what we were all thinking. Add to that, their response to the recent shootings in Newport in which they stepped away from their general brand of humour and related everything that we were saying to ourselves after such a tragedy.

    #3. Wil Wheaton’s Table-Top.
    Thanks to Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry Youtube channel, us nerds were given our very own interwebs TV station. The standout program for me was Wil Wheaton’s “Table-Top,” in which he and some friends get together and play a board game. Not only is the show a lot of fun to watch, but it introduced me to some great new games, without having to risk any money (that I don’t have), and made it a lot easier to jump right into them without having to plow through rulebooks. Standout episodes were the “Ticket To Ride,” episode (in which Wil’s wife commits one of the biggest gaming faux pas ever), and the “Zombie Dice/Tsuro/Get Bit!” episode. Really fun stuff.

    #2. Mars Rover Curiosity.
    It’s Space! It’s Mars! It’s a robot! It’s in HD! There’s no combination of these four things that doesn’t get my geek sense tingling. Watching the actual landing and all the NASA folks being so completely jubilant was probably my favourite geek moment of the year. Now we get to wait and see what we will see…which will be shown in very clear pictures.

    #1. Cards Against Humanity.
    When you take a game like Apples to Apples, which I already try to make as twisted as possible, and actually make it as twisted as I want (and maybe a little bit more), this is a big win. Add to that the fact that this was put together in a pretty grass-roots fashion through kickstartr, and it just equals all sorts of geek win. Now playing a great game and being a horrible, terrible person can be done at the same time! And who doesn’t want that?


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