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  • The Geekly, PGM’s Weekly Report of Cool Geek Things (1/10/13)

    [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! Let’s start this one off with a bang: Kickstarter announced that people around the world pledged over $83 million dollars to games in 2012. That’s incredible! Check out their sweet Best of Kickstarter 2012 slide show. 2013 started off with a bang for games on Kickstarter as well, as the super creepy Kingdom Death: Monster made over two million dollars. I, personally, really want to put some money on Rivet Wars. Just watch that video and you’ll be hooked!

    Also in great game news, Nintendo announced Pokemon X and Y! They will be released worldwide in October, as opposed to coming out in Japan first and the rest of the world later. Check out these screenshots, and the trailer. Oh, and just for giggles, here’s a Metal Gear Moogle.

    Now, let’s talk about toys! Super Punch’s toy roundup made my head explode, especially those neat Disney blind boxed toys, even if they are a bit pricey. Speaking of pricey toys, check out this sold out Govra the deity of the End, which went for $130 before it sold out. Yikes!

    Come to think of it, it seems that expensive toys are the way of the geek. This Custom Gutsman Operation Game can be yours for $225, and you can pre-order a Gravity Gun replica for $149.99. Whew! Those are wallet killers. But with great toys comes great responsibility.

    Have artistic talent? Like Tokidoki and/or Scott Pilgrim? Want to enter some contests? There’s a DIY Unicorno Contest at the Tokidoki site, which has a great submission gallery. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can enter this Ramona Style contest, in which you can draw iconic Ramona Flowers for a chance to win some Scott Pilgrim prize packs.

    il_570xN.393136355_n6tmAnd then there are all the things I can’t categorize because they’re just too random, like these super cool Dark Knight Bookshelves, or this portrait of Kevin Bacon made out of bacon. Traveling into space, you can see one scientist’s idea of what ancient Mars may have looked like. Here’s some neat artwork based on the new Star Wars RPG, and did you hear about how J.J. Abrams gave a special screening of the new Star Trek film for a dying fan? Quirk Books gives some insight into how to raise a little geek. And definitely the weirdest thing I found all week: a chemical engineering student creates absorbent underwear for women to prevent ruining underwear during that time of the month.

    That’s all for this week! Got something you want to see on the Geekly? Leave me a comment and I’ll include it next week!


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