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  • Tasmanian Devils, SyFy Saturday Night Movie Preview

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have heard me on the podcast, you know I have a special place in my heart for B movies. Specifically the ones shown on SyFy on Saturday nights at 9pm. They are a glorious mix of ridiculousness, gore/action, and goofiness. My wife and I watch and giggle at how terrible they are, and we are able to do it with a clear conscious since no one involved in them can think they are making this generations Citizen Kane. (Gosh I hope not.)

    Every week I’m going to give you a little preview of what is coming up on SyFy’s schedule to let you know if it may be worth your time. If you are like me you have already set up a manual recording on your DVR for SyFy 9 to 11pm every Saturday so it doesn’t matter, but on the off chance you need a little convincing read on about Tasmanian Devils.

    Now, this trailer does give a lot of the movie away, but it’s the awesome. On the off chance you really like to be surprised I’ll keep my comments non-specific. Tasmanian Devils is obviously in the ‘creature feature’ category. I prefer the ‘singleton of unusual size’ creature features, but this one doesn’t seem to go all the way to ‘swarms’, my least favorite.

    Before I saw the preview, I asked Danica McKellar via twitter what her favorite part of making the movie was. She answered, “being suspended from wires on greenscreen. Or using the flamethrower –  toss up!” Those answers make it seem like she’s the full fledged action star of the movie. After I recovered from  the surprise of getting a reply I scoured the intertubes and found the following picture.

    Yeah, that looks fun! It looks like Danica McKellar gets to be a badass in this movie. She looks like a natural with heavy weaponry. It’s fantastic that she gets a chance to play against her math geek persona.

    Not to dwell on armament, but the fact that she also fires a real gun in the preview gives me good vibes about it. I mean, a gun where you can see recoil and the casing get ejected from the weapon. That automatically ticks the movie up a notch in quality. I like bad movies, but even I have my limits. That limit is somewhere on the good side of the heroes all using fake plastic guns and just jerk them back when firing, with post production CGI muzzle flashes added later.

    And for anyone that thinks skills at speed skating can’t translate into acting ability, Apolo Ohno is here to prove you right. Wait- that’s not… well, it probably is right.  Demonstrating a bit of synergy for SyFy, this movie has 3 actors in it that are also in their new show, Continuum. They all played ‘muscle’ type of characters in the premier of that show this past Monday, so I doubt that any of them will make it to the end of the movie.

    The action seems to be better than average with several awesome looking kill shots and multiple explosions. Lets face it, those are the moments we all wait for.

    My gut tells me this will be a worthwhile 90 minutes out of my life. Check back next week to see if I was right.


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