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  • Serpent Stones is the kind of high-quality 2 player game we can always use more of.

    [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s not often I come across interesting games for two players that don’t quickly lose their appeal. Most games are for three or more players, meaning board game-loving couples have limited games to play at, say, 2 am. Happily, you can now add Serpent Stones to the list of fun two player games.

    Created by Dangermoose Entertainment as a successful Kickstarter, Serpent Stones is a game in which you face off against an opponent over a battle mat. The goal is to take over the other player’s temple by chaining your warriors across the mat in the shape of a serpent, as the Aztecs used to do in their drills. They would form two rows of warriors and create a chain, with the goal being to break the chain of the other warriors. Here you are trying to reach the temple on the other side, but while doing that, you can also punch holes in the “serpent” of the other warriors.