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  • Ep #00077 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Another Friday, another Perpetual Geek Machine podcast!

    We interrupt our regularly-scheduled 2012 Holiday Geek Gift Guide to bring you the latest edition of our super duper fantastic podcast listening party. Have you had enough PGM content this week? Posts every day, a new podcast and a weekend wrap up? Who the hell do we think we are?

    Side note: I forgot to mention the new 5 Hit Combo topic during the show, but you’ll find it below in the show notes.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00077 a listen!

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    Show Notes
    What’cha Been Doing? (4:39 – 54:37)

    • Adam is aghast, AGHAST I SAY, at how audacious Attack Of The Show is going out. He’s all caught up on BSG Blood & Chrome while asking about how much we paid for the new Cards Against Humanity holiday expansion pack.
    • Kevin tried to the camp classic Barbarella but even he has a certain level of tolerance for crappy movies that this one pushed well past. Not much else happened in his world due to being away for our own Rich’s bachelor party.
    • Ryan updated to iTunes 11, played more X-Com, Gravity Rush and is highly impressed with the Vita version of Little Big Planet.

    Break (54:38 – 56:48)

    • The Music I Laid In There This Week: “2600” by John Roderick & Jonathan Coulton’s album One Christmas At A Time

    5 Hit Combo (57:18 – End)

    • Topic: Top 5 Christmas Movies
    • Kevin vs. Adam, Ryan judging.
    • Next topic: Top 5 Things To Do Before The End Of The World
    • Total Run Time – 1:22:08


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