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  • 2012 Holiday Geek Gift Guide – Sound & Vision

    Shopping for geeks at the holidays is hard, luckily we’re here to help! As nerds ourselves we know that when there’s something in stores that we want, we tend to just buy it then and there. So gauging what we could want under the tree is like trying to find oil just by throwing your shovel in the dirt.

    We’re here to give you a bit of a roadmap, highlighting items that might’ve fallen just off the radar of the person on your shopping list. In part 2 one of our 2012 Holiday Geek Gift Guide we’re taking a look at the Music and Television centric gifts that would be welcome under any geek’s tree this holiday season. Enjoy!

    And don’t miss Part 1, Books!

    BuyFromAmazonBeatlesThe Beatles – Stereo Vinyl Box Set
    Back in 2009 there were two huge CD box sets released of the most well-known music catalog in the world. Finally remastered properly, The Beatles Stereo and The Beatles Mono was a revelation for those of us who had never heard what these songs were actually supposed to sound like. At the time I couldn’t help wondering why they didn’t also release a vinyl version of the remasters. Vinyl sales were on the rise at a time when CD sales were plummeting. Well, three years later my wish has been granted and it’s an awesome box set.

    Though we’re getting into that pricey territory you should know this set is worth every dime to someone who is Beatles and/or vinyl fan. The records are all 180 gram with accurate and complete reproductions of all the packaging for each album. There’s also a 250+ page hardcover book that is absolutely gorgeous, well worth a good $75 on its own. Filled with gorgeous photos it dedicates space to each album, remastering the recordings and pressing the vinyl. Really fantastic.

    If you have a Beatles fan in your life that owns a record player there is no way they could possibly be disappointed with this magnificent box set of the world’s greatest band.

    BuyFromAmazonRedBlueRed vs. Blue: RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue
    You might find it hard to believe, but there are people out there that are creating original tv show style content using video games. Red Vs. Blue tells the (strangely comedic) lives of soldiers from the Halo video game universe. It’s completely weird, and absolutely hilarious.

    It’s hard to believe that the Rooster Teeth guys have been making me laugh for a full decade, but it’s true. What better way to commemorate it than by getting this ridiculous box set? It’s 15 if you get the Blu Ray of straight RvB content – from that first moment you met Sarge to the – well, I won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say things get a lot more serious later on. All 10 seasons are here, along with interviews, miniseries, and behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as a collectible booklet. You’ll never have to buy another Red vs. Blue disc again… or at least, not until the next season.

    Whether you’re shopping for someone new to the show or a longtime, die-hard fan, this is the perfect gift to get your loved one. And no, I’m not making that up.

    BuyFromAmazonBond50 Years of Bond – 007
    Chances are if there’s a human male on your gift-giving list, then there’s someone on your list that is James Bond fan. Now you can give them the complete Bond-movie experience with the release of Bond 50, this year’s boxed set release of all the James Bond movies.

    Yes, there have been previous collections, but this is the first time all 22 Bond films can be found on Blu-ray in one set, including nine titles not-previously-released on Blu-ray. The set also includes 130 hours of bonus content, some of which has never been seen, including documentaries on the Style of Bond, and interviews with all the actors on Life as James Bond. On top of that you get a book detailing the Posters of Bond, as well as a handsome book for storing your Bond movies including a spot for the now in theaters Skyfall (Love they planned for future releases!)

    This really is the perfect gift for that Bond-obsessed person (we’re sure there’s some female Bond fans too) on your list.

    BuyIndieGameIndie Game: The Movie
    Indie Game: The Movie is the documentary that took the video gaming community by storm earlier this year. Following the development process of a select few independent game developers, it shows the inner workings and interesting personalities behind the three indie hits Braid, Fez, and Super Meat Boy.

    We all loved it, not just for being able to see how the process works, but for the beautiful and poignant way the heroes were depicted (yes, heroes). You’d be amazed at the emotional rollercoaster the film takes you through. Make it even more special by adding in a poster, notebooks, and/or a t-shirt.

    But really, the Blu Ray – with its extra footage and two audio commentary tracks, one from directors Lisanne Pijot and James Swirsky, and the other from Team Meat – is a must-have for your gaming geek.

    BuyFromAmazonTarantinoXXTarantino XX
    Quentin Tarantino is probably the most influential filmmaker of the past 20 years. It just so happens that Reservoir Dogs, his first film, was released 20 years ago. In its wake, including the cultural touchstone Pulp Fiction, rides a legion of imitators and a completely readjusted sense of what’s “cool”. To say that Tarantino has left his indelible mark on the film world is a severe understatement. To put all of that influence, talent and art into a singular box is pretty much packaging an entire few semester’s worth of film school.

    To celebrate this maverick director Miramax has released a career-spanning 10 disc Blu-ray set called Tarantino XX. Including eight films (Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2, Death Proof and Inglorious Basterds) and two discs of all-new bonus materials. The eye-popping artwork for the box even came from the Mondo studio, which is quickly gaining reputation as the go-to house for unique and stunning movie art.

    Unbelievably this package is currently selling for less than $100. It’s a fantastic deal for any serious film fan in your life.

    BuyFromAmazonLawrenceLawrence of Arabia – 50th Anniversary Edition
    It’s been 50 years since Peter O’Toole shouted, “NOOOO PRISONERRRS!!!” and gave us one of the most compelling characters to ever command the silver screen, and it is being honoured with this anniversary release of Lawrence of Arabia.

    The deluxe, four-disc edition (which all movie geeks will want to go for), includes a nice amount of supplemental material ranging from trailers, to retrospectives, to an 8-minute homage from Martin Scorcese. Also found within this edition is the CD soundtrack as well as an 88-page coffee-table book beautifully illustrated, with plenty of great background information on the film. As an added bonus for the nerdiest of cinephiles, is a numbered, individual frame from the actual 70mm print of the film.

    Sure, this is a 4-hour-long epic, but if you’re going to watch it, this is definitely the way to do so.

    BuyFromAmazonRageRage Against The Machine – XX (20th Anniversary Special Edition)
    It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all jumping around in very alpha-male fashion yelling “F&%K YOU, I WON’T DO WHUTCHYA TELL ME!!” Or, maybe it does…but that doesn’t mean that Rage Against the Machine’s eponymous release has become dated at all.

    While it did cause a massive increase in white guys with dreadlocks and people wearing Che Guevara shirts, the messages and music on that album are still very resonant today, if not more so than they were back then. Now the socially-angry nerd on your list can revisit this mind-altering first-release from Rage Against the Machine with Rage Against the Machine XX, the 20th anniversary edition. Not only have all the songs been remastered, but (as with any good anniversary release), there are plenty of fantastic extras including B-Sides, cuts from their demo tape, and DVDs (plural!) with concert footage and videos.

    Listening to and watching all of this really will be one of the greatest times you’ll have being so pissed off!

    BuyFromAmazonJourneyJourney – Collector’s Edition
    The PlayStation 3 exclusive Journey Collector’s Edition is one of the best games to come out for the system this year. It includes all three downloadable games by thatgamecompany: Journey, Flower, and flOw. All three games have been a significant part in the “are video games art?” argument, and for good reason – each is beautiful in its own way.

    My favorite is Journey, a game that takes you on a beautiful sojourn across a desert, flying through the air with your magical scarf. (That sounds way cornier than it really is – trust me.) The collection not only comes with the three games, but also includes the soundtrack for each game, three mini-games created by thatgamecompany, a Journey documentary, commentary on each game, and even a one-month subscription to the PlayStation pay service, PlayStation Plus.

    This is a game you should buy for the video game geek in your life, especially the one who has grown jaded with today’s short-lived, cookie-cutter shooters.

    BuyFromAmazonSleepingDogsSleeping Dogs
    It’s no secret that I love video games. But it’s also no secret that I have been suffering from video game ennui for a good part of 2012. That all changed when Sleeping Dogs came out. Sleeping Dogs – what some people liked to (wrongly) call “Grand Theft Auto in Hong Kong” – pulled me right out of my gaming stupor and made me giddy.

    The game’s over-the-top violence with its amazing melee system, coupled with outrageously fun driving controls and a decent story, made it easily one of the best games to come out this year. I laughed, I cried, I played until I forgot what day it was, and then I went back and played it some more. The game’s also seen its first release of DLC, Nightmare in North Point, and will have more DLC available soon.

    It’s a good game to get for the gamer in your life who is looking for something fun, who loves Grand Theft Auto but wants something new. Rated M for Mature so not for the kids.

    We really hope you find something on this list that would be the perfect fit. But if not, we’re happy to try and help find something else your target might like. If you find something on our list that you end up buying, PLEASE come back and tell us how it goes! Unless it goes badly, them maybe keep it to yourself :)

    Like we said at the top, shopping for geeks can be hard… but hopefully something in our gift guide can help you out. Please leave us a comment or send us an email and we’ll help you out! We’ll do our best to try and find you the perfect gift!

    Know something we missed or use our list to pick out a gift? Let us know in the comments!


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