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  • 2012 Holiday Geek Gift Guide – Odds & Ends

    We’re sadly at the end of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guides! We really hope that you’ve been enjoying them and have been sharing them with your friends and family. After going over Books, Board & card games, Sound & Vision and gifts for the geeky parents out there, we have a nice “catch-all” heading for those little chotchkies you see here and there. So, here’s our Odds & Ends suggestions for that special gift that should make the holiday awesome for the geek in your life.

    BuyFromAmazon8BitMemory8-Bit Memory
    Trying to figure out the best kind of storage device to buy for your geek, but aren’t sure which company to use? We’ve got you covered with the Etsy shop 8-Bit Memory. This clever fellow takes old NES and SNES cartridges and puts hard drives inside of them, making the perfect gift for your retro video game lover who also happens to need more space for all those games he’s been getting off of Steam lately.

    Choose from 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB, or 1.5 TB. What’s even cooler is, if there’s a specific game you’re looking for, they’ll check to see if they have it, or they’ll try to find it for you. Rarer games will drive the price up, but seems worth it for the geek cred alone.

    They’ve also got smaller drives that they put into NES controllers as well as GBA cartridges. Nothing would bring me more joy that to pop that little guy onto my keychain!

    BuyFromD23Disney D23 Membership
    This one is for super serious Disney fans only, casual observers need not apply. For some of us fans of the house the mouse built, we take it to a bit of an extreme level. We pour over photos of the parks from the past, we soak up interviews with aging animators and spend our free time wondering what Walt would do if he were still here.

    If you’ve got someone like that on your list, you should seriously consider buying them a year membership to Disney’s official fanclub D23. Membership includes a beautiful coffee-table worthy quarterly magazine, access to unique events like behind the scenes tours or early screenings of upcoming movies, weekly emails with exclusive videos, exclusive merchandise, a member gift (2012 was a gorgeous full color calendar for example) and more!

    It’s not cheap by any means, but it’s a surefire way to blow away that special Disney geek on your list.

    BuyShirtOfMonthT-Shirt of the Month Club
    Sometimes it just isn’t enough to have a shirt with a superhero logo on the front. If the geek you are shopping for has a slightly twisted sense of humor, and a love of fun clothing, look no further than Busted Tees Shirt of the Month Club.

    Kiss that jelly of the month club goodbye because a great way to get the geek in your life a plethora of quirky, geeky apparel, and get the most bang for your buck is at Busted Tees. Single tee shirts on this website are often $20 a piece, and can quickly add up.

    With the Shirt of the Month Club you can immediately save with money overall with their 12 month, 6 month, and 3 month packages priced at $165, $90, and $50 respectively. Best of all, there are shirts for geeks of all tastes! Tee shirts cover topics ranging from pop culture to obscure internet memes. Membership to this club is sure to please people of all shapes, sizes, and sensibilities. Plus, you can’t argue with the savings!

    BuyFromAmazonDrugsDon’t Play with Drugs! The Game
    Don’t Play with Drugs: The Game is a great game for several reasons. It’s portable, easy to learn, and only takes a few minutes to play once you’ve gotten the hang of it. You have a hand of five cards, each of which is either a drug card or a clean card. The drug cards have cartoons of drugs on them and a point value (ranging from 0-30), while the clean cards either allow you to get rid of drugs, add more drugs to another person, or stop someone from cleaning themselves up (nothing like peer pressure!).

    The goal is to play enough drug cards on the other players that you get their Intoxication Points up to 150. It’s a lot of fun to sit around with a group of friends, saying things like, “Hey, you should do some LSD!” or “Man, that coffee got you again!” Once someone reaches 150 points, they’re out – if and only if someone else says “That could never happen to me!” When only one person is left, they continue playing as normal until they reach 150, because when you play with drugs, no one wins.

    This is a game that should go in the stocking of everyone you know over the age of 16.

    BuyFromChewyJacketMark Ecko: Star Wars Chewbecca Jacket
    We were a little confused by the line of Star Wars inspired street-gear from Ecko. Generally, when we think geek-wear, Ecko is not really a label we look at. This year, however, they have come through with a line of jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts inspired by those events from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away.

    Clearly the standout in all of these is the Chewbacca Hoodzip. Now the Star Wars offcianado on your Christmas shopping list can fight the Empire, and the elements at the same time. The reversible coat looks like your standard Rebel Alliance fur-lined winter jacket, but turn that bad boy inside-out and you turn yourself into Han Solo’s right hand Wookie, complete with over-the-shoulder ammo belt.

    It might not be as warm as the inside of a Taun-taun, but we don’t think this winter will be as cold as Hoth.

    BuyFromAmazonSakeSerenity Sake Glasses
    Looking for something for the Firefly fan in your life? Does your Firefly fan also like sake, Japanese rice wine? Look no further than this pair of Serenity sake glasses from Ian Leino’s shop.

    Leino, who is a regular artist on all of the major daily t-shirt sites, created this design for a shirt first and then made sake glasses as well. These 2 ounce glasses are beautifully made, and are perfect for taking shots of your favorite liquor, or for enjoying the latest bottle of plum sake you bought on a whim at the counter at the liquor store. And just think: for $15, you’re getting two great sake glasses and supporting an independent artist.

    Put these in the stocking of the Firefly fan in your life and you’re sure to hear the word, “Shiny!”

    BuyFromAmazonSocksThreadless Socks
    One of the best additions to Threadless is their great collection of socks. If you know someone who is a big fan of Threadless designs, then you’ll want to grab a pair of these to stick in their stocking.

    The crew socks, which are made by the fantastic company Sock It To Me, are high quality and come with a little cursive “threadless” written on the bottom, so no one will doubt where your cool socks came from. The best pair is Hound’s Tooth, a quirky and clever take on the pattern – it’s a bunch of actual heads of hounds with their teeth bared. Other designs may fit the bill (or toe) though just as nicely.

    What could be more adorable on the feet of your loved one?

    Handmade Items

    PenguinPlush-Front-Shop_largeWhat better way to show how much someone means to you than by making something yourself? Sure, it’s a great sentiment, but most of us don’t have the time. The second best thing you could do is to buy them something homemade! Places like Etsy and Store Envy can be pretty overwhelming, so I’ve rounded up three stores and their best items as recommendations.

    First is Etsy shop Cute ‘N Kitschy, which is chock full of video game items for the gaming geek in your life. My favorite item she sells is actually something she first custom made for me: a Pokeball Bracelet with all of your favorite Pokeballs on it. (My favorite is the Dusk Ball!) Her prices are reasonable and her quality is very high.

    Another great Etsy shop is Oborocharms, which is full of adorable stuff. They’ve got jewelry and stationery and everything else you can cutify, but the most adorable thing is the penguin plush. It’s good for anyone of any age, but especially for that Linux fan in your life who needs a penguin other than Tux.

    Finally, there’s Oolah Oolah, a store of amazing handmade fleece hats. Their hats are cute, comfortable, and extremely well-made. I recommend the Nyan Cat hat with Poptart hand warmers attached with rainbow straps. This is a great gift for your friend whose obsession with the Internet has reached a new level.

    We really hope you find something on this list that would be the perfect fit. But if not, we’re happy to try and help find something else your target might like. If you find something on our list that you end up buying, PLEASE come back and tell us how it goes! Unless it goes badly, them maybe keep it to yourself :)

    Like we said at the top, shopping for geeks can be hard… but hopefully something in our gift guide can help you out.
    Please leave us a comment or send us an email and we’ll help you out! We’ll do our best to try and find you the perfect gift!

    Know something we missed or use our list to pick out a gift? Let us know in the comments!


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