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  • 2012 Holiday Geek Gift Guide – For the Geek Parent

    Shopping for geeks at the holidays is hard. Luckily we’re here to help! When you buy for the geek parent, let’s be honest: you’re really buying for the little geek(s) in his or her life. So here’s a list of gifts for the geek parents for their little geeks.

    Thanks for looking and don’t forget to check out our previous gift guides: Books, Sound & Vision, Board & Card Games!

    BuyFromAmazonSTBibStar Trek Bib and Spoon
    It might be a challenge to know exactly when to tell your child about the birds and the bees, but they’re never too young to be told about Star Trek. In fact, it’s important they learn about the Enterprise as early in life as possible and there’s no better time than at feedings.

    Keep your baby versed with classic Trek with this sharp bib and matching spoon. Gone are the days of bringing the plane into the hanger. Now mealtime is much more fun as the light-up star ship prepares for docking procedures. Also, any baby being fed by Starfleet’s flagship is surely going to live long and prosper.

    With multiple spoon attachments for the Enterprise that are dishwasher and meeting all ASTM & CPSC regulations this bib and spoon set is perfect for new geek parents or budding Trekkies.

    BuyFromAmazonLegoLego Storage Bricks
    If there’s one thing geek parents need, it’s a way for their kids to reasonably store the ludicrous amount of Legos strewn all over the house. This is especially true around the holidays, because if your children are anything like you, they are certainly getting at least one set of Legos for Christmas. Thinkgeek saves the day again with their super cool Lego Storage Bricks.

    These boxes not only store Legos, but stack easily and attractively, creating the illusion of being giant Lego bricks themselves. They’re also perfect for when your kids eventually get into playing Brikwars. For the older children, or hey, just for yourselves, There’s also a smaller version.

    Those would be awesome to keep your Dungeons & Dragons dice in, or just about anything else tiny, like charms, safety pins, and/or baby unicorn teeth.

    BuyFromAmazonLeapPad2The LeapPad 2
    Many people are leery to get technology for the kids you have to buy for on a holiday list, don’t be. If you are buying for a toddler, they will figure out how to use the tech even if you don’t know. They explore, push buttons and scarily hit the unit like it was a 1970’s static filled TV. Companies have taken care of all the problems presented by this, specifically when it comes to tablets.

    The LeapPad 2 is great for kids as young as three. From personal experience believe me when I say the LeapFrog company makes educational toys that kids love. Also from personal experience (unfortunately,) their products are crazy durable. The LeapPad is a great starter tablet. Don’t fear that the kid will outgrow it quickly if you get it for them “too young” since you can purchase apps more in tune with the child’s development as they get older.

    You’ll want to snag a set of rechargeable batteries too since this tablet will get lots of use.

    BuyFromAmazonNabi21The Nabi 2
    Tablets are the wave of the future, as was mentioned above; don’t be afraid to get on board with this trend. If you have a kindergarten aged child to buy for, grab up a Nabi 2.

    The Nabi is an awesome tablet that is as powerful as many regular tablets but most importantly it is super kid safe from both of the most important ends of the spectrum. First, it has a durable case so it is virtually immune from the dropsies which is always a problem for kids. Secondly, it has a super safe kids web browser which means you can give it to a youngster and not have to hover directly over their shoulder in fears that they get somewhere they shouldn’t online.

    It is also filled with entertainment and educational apps that will keep any kid busy for hours. And never fear, there is an app zone which will guarantee something new when they start to yearn for something new.

    This recommendation is a little more expensive than others tablets for the same age range, but it is worth it because it is a much more powerful tablet than others marketed to kids today. This means it will both work quicker now, ensuring kids want to use it more often than a machine that is slow, and also will last much longer since it will have the parts (memory and aforementioned processor speed) necessary to run apps that come out next year. Us geeks call that the upgrade cycle and you won’t get stuck having to get another tablet for the child’s birthday since it is already out of date.

    BuyFromAmazonDVandSonDarth Vader & Son
    Unless you’ve lived under a giant chunk of destroyed Alderaan, you at least know who Darth Vader is. This book takes a cute look at the trials and tribulations the Dark Lord of the Sith would have gone through if he had to -SPOILERS ahead- raise his son Luke when he was a little boy. There are plenty of inside references for the Star Wars fanatic in your life. They will also get a kick out of the ideas they come up with in the book.

    This does come with a warning, as I mentioned before the entirety of the book is a spoiler. Some hard core Star Wars fans may not want to read this book to their kids in hopes of keeping that surprise for them when they are old enough. I erred on the side of, “This book was awesome and I wanted to share it with my son.”

    Besides, the odds that we could keep the surprise from him in this day and age is smaller than the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field. Trust me, its small.

    BuyFromAmazon-CloudBCloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light
    Toddlers quickly grow bored of night lights with simple shapes or colors that they grew up with as babies. In comes the constellation night light to spark wonderment in your three year old.

    This decorative night light comes in the shape of a cute turtle or ladybug appropriate for boys or girls. Holes in the back of the night light project stars on the ceiling of the childs room.

    What’s best about the design of this night light is the stars are in the shapes of actual constellations, not just random projections. You can use the included star guide to identify the eight different constellations with your toddler. This leads to not only fun the next time you are outside at night with the child as they try to find familiar constellations, but hopefully a lifetime of wonderment with the nighttime sky for young minds.

    BuyFromAmazonATPillowAdventure Time Plush
    OK, I’ll admit it – I’m on an Adventure Time kick. Why, you ask? Well, because I’m super late to the party and I just started watching the show, like, a week ago. It’s one of those rare cartoons that can be enjoyed by kids and adults, and usually for different reasons.

    So anytime I see anything related to the show – like, say, these amazing Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows – I totally lose it.

    If I knew any kids who were into this show, I would for sure buy them Lumpy Space Princess, simply because the look on her face is priceless. What reasonable child wouldn’t want to curl up with a clearly horrified princess? Parents, save your holiday with these pillows.

    You won’t regret it.

    BuyFromPlushPlanetsStuffed Celestial Bodies
    Geek parents have it tough… or, at least, they used to, before the Internet was around. Now it’s easier than ever to brainwash, err, I mean expose your children to the wonders of the geekiverse.

    One thing that’s really important to teach children is about space. And what better way to teach them than with Plush Celestial Bodies? It’s been scientifically proven that using cuteness is the best way to teach things to children, and there’s no shortage of cuteness here. You can get Sun, Mercury, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – which means you’ll have to figure out some other way to represent Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and, if you’re hip to keeping our solar system old school, Pluto.

    Just don’t let your kids use these in their planetary science project – unless you’re ready to make a lot more plushies to go with it.

    BuyFromAmazonGeeklingThat’s No Moon shirt
    We’ve got a bunch of stuff on this list that will be great whether your kid is a newborn right up to toddlers and beyond. But what about the geek parents-to-be? Just because your child hasn’t been shot into the world yet doesn’t mean you can’t get the geeky upbringing started now!

    Geekling Designs is there with a selection of maternity shirts that can proudly tell the world that you fully intend on raising a geek, just like mom and dad. They have shirts that reference Jedi Powers, Pokemon, Ninjas, and even one projecting a “launch date” for the birth. My favorite though is the Star Wars reference “That’s no moon.”

    Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you stop being a geek, and Geekling Designs let’s you let the geek flag fly while cooking that bun in the oven.

    We really hope you find something on this list that would be the perfect fit. But if not, we’re happy to try and help find something else your target might like. If you find something on our list that you end up buying, PLEASE come back and tell us how it goes! Unless it goes badly, them maybe keep it to yourself :)

    Like we said at the top, shopping for geeks can be hard… but hopefully something in our gift guide can help you out.
    Please leave us a comment or send us an email and we’ll help you out! We’ll do our best to try and find you the perfect gift!

    Know something we missed or use our list to pick out a gift? Let us know in the comments!


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