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  • The Geekly, PGM’s Weekly Report of Cool Geek Things (11/15/12)

    Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of the Geekly! You better hide your wallet, because I’ve got a lot of things here that you’re going to want to throw money at!

    First up, let’s talk aprons. My buddy Tristin Hightower (the Philly Geek Awards Geek of the Year, no less!) found this Etsy shop Haute Mess Threads, which has a plethora of geeky aprons for you to wear while you’re making your Star Wars cupcakes or Portal cake or whatever it is you’re making! Dress up like Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, or, my personal favorite, R2D2. She’s also got pot holders, makeup brush rolls, and bibs. Be careful, though, because some of these are a little risqué.

    Courtesy of Dan, we’ve got this awesome Monty Python t-shirt, which is amazing. In fact, this whole site is amazing, from their collection of shirts to their vinyl decals. My personal favorites are the Jpegasus and 8-bit presidents. Want!

    Want to support something a little less mainstream? How about buying a copy of Don’t Play with Drugs: The Game? Spoiler alert: you’ll hear more about it on the podcast! There’s also the World of Steam Kickstarter, which now includes those amazing steampunk flash drives. Help them make their goal!

    Let’s wrap this up with some neat images and awesome videos, shall we? Check out this Mario can art, and Princess Leia tries to mail her message in this R2D2 mailbox. And whether you love sports or not, you’ll adore this NFL Kickoff video that’s jam-packed with Princess Bride References. And, last but not least, a tribute to my favorite meme: Girl, Yer Gervin Mah Gersberms. (Thanks, Kevin, for that last one!)


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