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  • Ep #00073 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Another Friday, another Perpetual Geek Machine podcast!

    As you guys know last week the northeast was hit with Hurricane Sandy. Luckily the entire PGM crew came away unscathed though a large part of the Jersey Shore and New York was hit very hard. These people are our neighbors, friends and fellow citizens. If you haven’t already please consider making a donation to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief. We really appreciate it.

    Now, on with the show! After not being able to coordinate last week we return with a show that doesn’t seem ambitious but definitely took some doing to put together. The first half of the show you’ll find Dan, Rich and Kevin going over what they’ve been doing. After the break Ryan and Kevin do another segment of the same thing and then it’s our first 5 Hit Combo that YOU are going to decide! Rich and Ryan battle it out it over two separate recordings and we’re asking you, our loyal fans, to decide who wins! Hit us up any way you’d like and let us know who you think had the better 5 Hit Combo! They’re might be some Steam gifts in it for you…who knows!

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00073 a listen!

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    Show Notes
    What’cha Been Doing? (Dan, Rich and Kevin) (6:08 – 46:21)

    • Kevin spent some time with the addicting and hyper stylized indie PC game Hotline Miami and highly recommends it.
    • Dan has a tale of movie theater woe but is redeemed when he finds a better opportunity to watch (and love) Wreck It Ralph.He also spent some time with the spell-casting card game Seasons.
    • Rich was underwhelmed with the double feature of the original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein but was quite impressed with Flight. He also has dipped into the first few hours of Assassin’s Creed III and gives us his early impressions.

    Break (46:22 – 49:19)

    What’cha Been Doing? (Ryan and Kevin) (49:57 – 1:18:11)

    • Ryan jumps in to tell us about Dishonored before finally checking out the brilliant Archer and then compares his love of the book Cloud Atlas to the recently released film.
    • Kevin interjects on Ryan’s activities and talks about the Oscar-bait, but excellent film The Sessions.

    5 Hit Combo (1:18:12 – End)

    • Topic: Top 5 Things To Do During A Hurricane
    • Rich vs. Ryan, YOU judging! Be sure to use any method possible to let us know who you think should win!
    • Next topic: Top 5 Most Obscure References

    Total Run Time – 1:33:35


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