Ep #00056 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

We’ve got a smaller Machine for you this week. You’re going to basically be a “fly on the wall” for a conversation between Ryan and Kevin. Don’t worry though, nothing gets that weird.

Just a little weird.

And uncomfortable.


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Show Notes
What’cha Been Doing? (3:02 – 35:00)

  • Kevin has some sort of strained muscle in his neck and a fine cocktail of drugs to soothe the pain.
  • He’s also been rewatching Louie now that his wife is into it.
  • We played Scallywags and Tsuro recently.
  • Ryan been enjoying the “outside”, whatever that is and playing a bunch of Wipeout on his “Vita”, whatever that is.
  • He also increased the bicycle count at his house to 5 between two people.

Break (35:01 – 37:46)

Let’s Talk About… (38:23 – End)

Total Run Time – 1:02:18

Kevin Alexander


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