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  • Ep #00055 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    The Machine keeps getting bigger! You heard his voice on our show before but he’s now going to be a regular contributor to our podcast bringing his expansive knowledge of movies, comics and (evidently) old-timey radio shows to the mix. Who, you ask? Why Bryan Wall, of course. He also makes a killer 5 Hit Combo debut on this show.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00055 a listen!

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    Show Notes
    What’cha Been Doing? (3:21 – 43:36)

    Break (43:37 – 45:44)

    • The music I laid in there this week: Schfifty Five by Group X

    Let’s Talk About… (46:27 – 56:30)

    • Dan saw Pixar’s Brave this weekend and we all saw that Monsters University teaser, which gets us chatting about whether or not Pixar is “losing it” and what that means.

    5 Hit Combo Classic (56:31 – End)

    • This week’s topic: Top 5 Movie Monologues
    • Dan vs. Bryan with Kevin judging.
    • Next Topic: Top 5 Movie One-Liners

    Total Run Time – 1:26:45


    2 responses to “Ep #00055 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast”

    1. It wasn’t till this 5 hit combo I realized how much I was enamored with Aaron Sorkin’s writing since the first two I thought of were Nicholson in A Few Good Men and Michael Douglass in The American President.

    2. Dan’s justification after his Ratatouille pick made me think of Amelia Mintz, the food critic and “saboscrivener” in the comic book “Chew”.