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  • Ep #00052 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    We’re almost at the two year anniversary mark for us. This is the last episode for the “second season” of The Machine, not that we really count proper seasons around here. It’s just some metadata embedded in the mp3 file that amuses me. This is going nowhere fast, sorry about that.

    Hey, we’re looking to talk to more of our fans. If you remember our first few shows we originally tried out a segment called “Homework” where we invited people to watch/read/listen to things in between shows and send us some feedback. That didn’t work out so well but we’d like to try something again. If you’re interested in joining us in some sort of discussion group (think “Book Club” but more so) than drop us an email. podcast (at) perpetualgeekmachine (dot) net is the email address.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00052 a listen!


    About All This 48 FPS Debate…


    I’m sure by now you’ve read at least some of those reports that popped up about a month ago concerning the negative reaction CinemaCon attendees had towards the 48 FPS footage shown for Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit. Now, none of us here have seen any of the footage yet so we obviously can’t comment on that. I do know what a show like Breaking Bad looks like on a 120Hz HDTV and to put it frankly, I hated it. With a burning  passion. My complaints mimicked those of CinemaCon attendees: Everything looked “fake”, there’s no other way I can describe it. (more…)


    Review: Pixeljunk 4am


    PixelJunk 4am is not quite a game, but more than a toy; something less than an actual instrument, yet something more than musical knob-twiddling. And it looks like pure drugs.
    The result of what must have been a seriously booze-and-sushi filled collaboration between Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert and performing artist Baiyon, 4am is grasping towards an extermely particular, specific goal: the feeling of 4 in the morning, in the city, after a lot of clubbing. In the chill out rooms, as they used to be termed when I was a wee lad, this particular flavour of low-intensity, yet dark and throbby, progressive house music was born. It’s more about textures than anything else, and is more deserving of the ‘trance’ label than perhaps some other forms.

    This is Baiyon’s backyard, and he has extended his arm into a huge bucket of wriggling, neon samples and dropped them into this product. 190 or so permutations, as I understand it. He also collaborated – co-created – the visualizer aspect in conjunction with Q-Games, arranging specific visual hooks to match the song-sets that are embedded. It’s all extremely reminiscent of the aesthetic in PixelJunk Eden, right down to the font, so if you liked how that looked, then you’ll dig this.



    The Life and Times of Max Payne


    On May 15, 2012, the video gaming world was graced with another entry in the long absent Max Payne series simply entitled, Max Payne 3. Though not nearly as iconic as Mario or Sonic, the titular character of this franchise is just as welcome on my television screen as any gaming character, and my excitement for the latest entry was palpable. Since I was fortunate enough to play a small segment of Max Payne 3 at PAX East last month, my time with the game conjured up fond memories of my previous adventures with Max, and it made me wonder what noir story could be constructed to do justice to the character and series after being away for so long. I thought it would be worth delving into who this character is, what this series is about, and why I think it is important to play. (more…)


    Weekly Wallpapers: Game of Thrones

    For the night is dark and full of terrors.

    This isn’t a comprehensive gathering of all the Game of Thrones centric wallpapers on the net by any stretch, I just noticed I had more than a few sitting on my hard drive and figured I’d share them all with the rest of you!

    BTW, we have a ton Perpetually Geeky wallpapers just waiting to be downloaded over at our Facebook page. You should totally visit us and give us a “like!”


    Frak Some Toasters With the Battlestar Galactica Board Game

    battlestargalactica-reg-300x300Eight years ago, when I heard that there was a new Battlestar Galactica series on TV, I scoffed. Recent viewings of the original series made me laugh with how awesomely cornball the whole thing was, and like most television shows that I thought were wonderful when I was 5, this wasn’t making the cut anymore.

    Much to my joy, the new series was far better than the original, and it remains something that I hold near and dear to my nerdy heart. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of awesome gaming opportunities would come from such a great franchise. Sure, there were some video games, but none of them really grabbed my attention. Then a board game caught my eye that looked promising, and I could only hope that it would be one of the rare games that really captured what the series was about.

    I just didn’t want to risk being disappointed in something that cost as much as it did but that’s more of a statement on my economic short-comings than my unwillingness to take a chance on something new. Fortunately that ended up not mattering anyway once my friends recently got their hand on a set, and we could take on table-top skin-jobs in a quest to save humanity.



    Watch The SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon Launch From This Morning


    At 3:44 this morning, Eastern Standard Time, American space travel and exploration took a bold new step into its future. The private company SpaceX launched the first commercial rocket intended to dock with the International Space Station. This is what space travel and exploration is going to look like in America for the foreseeable future, so we’d better start getting used to it. Even though NASA’s budget only costs Americans about half a penny per tax dollar that seems to be asking too much from the federal budget. Now we must look to a growing number of private companies to help our country reach space again and this morning’s events were the first major step in that direction.  (more…)


    Live out your Gangster fantasies with “Cash ‘n’ Guns”


    There’s a gang of criminals fresh off a big heist and they’ve managed to get away and make it all the way back to the warehouse to split up their bounty. Well, you know how unwilling criminals can be to compromise. Words are said, guns are drawn, standoffs ensue. All in an effort to make off with the most loot!

    Each player takes on the role of one of these comical criminals and is armed with a big foam gun and deck of cards representing bullet chambers in said gun. The goal of Cash ‘N’ Guns is to collect the most look over 8 rounds of play. Each round some of the money is laid in the center of the table at random. Each player then chooses one of the cards in his deck (some are bullets and some are blanks) and plays it face down on the table in front of them. Now the fun starts.



    The Avengers Review


    Marvel movies of late have never seemed particularly good to me. Sure, they can be entertaining with well-done action sequences but that’s about where my interest stops. These movies tend to lack quality and they range from okay to pretty good. The plots have started to run together for me because they all mirror each other. The bad guy hatches a plot, the hero steps up, tries to overcome a personal obstacle and defeats the bad guy in the nick of time. “The Avengers” looked like more of the same and I was in no rush to go out and see it. I was confused when so many people kept telling me how good it was and I was even more confused when I found out how much money it was making. Maybe Marvel had stepped up its game and made a super hero movie that gets out of its comfort zone? Not really, but I had a lot more fun watching this than I did with “Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “Captain America” and “The Incredible Hulk.” I missed “Thor”, but I don’t think I’m missing much. (more…)


    Ep #00051 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Cards Against Humanity is taking over the world. This isn’t an opinion, it’s not an observation, it’s a fact. Every time we’ve introduced the game to a new group of people the reaction has been the same: “This is the best game I’ve ever played”. Across the board. Maybe we just hang out with fantastic people but that has been our only experience so far. I don’t think any of us expect that to change. In this show we’ve got an interview with five of the creators and they’ve got some exciting news to share with everyone. Give it a listen and be sure to drop us an email. Trust us.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00051 a listen!