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  • Ep #00048 – Perpetual Geek Machine (PAX East 2012 Interview Episode)

    PAX is a time for many things. For us it’s a great excuse to get together with friends that live far and wide and nerd out for a few days.

    But this year we decided to hit the show with a little more structure, and do some good honest work for Perpetual Geek Machine while we were there. This podcast is just another salvo of PAX East 2012 coverage, and culls together all the interviews we conducted on the floor over the stretch of the convention.

    We played a ton of games… like, a ton. We only cover a fraction of those in this show. So the interviews presented therein aren’t indicative of what we thought was cool at the show. And with that, enjoy this special podcast episode!

    here’s the link to the Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00048 file!

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    Show Notes

    Just after noon on Friday we had the chance to sit down with Chris Lindsey from the Dungeons and Dragons group over at Wizards of the Coast. He told us all about their plans for the upcoming year across all facets of the Universe. Be it RPG, boardgame, videogames or miniatures it seems like the Dungeons and Dragons brand has got you covered with tons of product. (2:09 – 12:11)

    After our Wizards of the Coast meeting we decided to hit the show floor and check out some of the smaller indie dev titles. While trying to make sure we saw everything we also did our best to pull a few of the developers aside and chat them up about their games!

    Taking a break from the show floor we decided to head for higher ground and found ourselves in the Kickstarter Arcade room, featuring both current projects and past winners.

  • No rest for the wicked, we ventured to the tabletop area and met up with Dave Schrader from Schrader Heavy Industries who was demoing his single book role playing game the “Light Weight RPG.” In between adventures we had him tell us a little bit about his project. (26:46 – 28:43)
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  • Sunday came around too fast, as is always the case with PAX. However before catching a train to head home we decided to squeeze in a few more demos and playtests with a doubleshot of titles at Steve Jackson Games.

    • First up is the to-be-released-this-summer castle building game Castellan. The pieces were really unique and you can see us playing in some of these pictures. Lots of fun and the interlocking pieces are nice! (29:25 – 32:38)
    • Then we managed to finagle a conversation with Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Brand Manager, who spoke on what Munchkinis and what areas the tounge-in-cheek game is going to move into next Munchkin (32:38 – 37:30)

      Hey, Bonus interview!
      A little before PAX East we interviewed George Rothrock: Director of Product and Busines Development & Gary Weis: Chief Technology Officer from Playdek about their conversion of the combative deck building game Nightfall. Since this interview was recorded the game has been released and is available now on the app store. Here’s a review from PGM writer Dan Zuccarelli (38:08 – 57:06)


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