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  • The Lorax Movie Review: Could Be Better, Could Be Worse


    I like Dr. Seuss as much as the next guy. What kid didn’t grow up reading “Green Eggs and Ham” or “The Cat in the Hat?” The guy wrote some of the most brilliant children’s stories of all time because he made them fun for kids, but they all had a simple, yet important message to convey. Though his stories could make for a good kid’s movie, more often than not, they end up being terrible, and I place that blame squarely on the film maker. The source material is usually perfect. Directors and writers tend to screw things up by trying to get some length out of Dr. Seuss classics by adding annoying songs, or useless characters. Though, sadly, “The Lorax” falls victim to modern Seuss adaptations, it doesn’t come off nearly as bad as some of its predecessors. (more…)


    The Call Of Duty Movie? Nope! Act of Valor movie review

    Act_of_Valor_m-640x361Like many of you, I enjoy playing military first person shooters. When I first saw the trailer for “Act of Valor,” I immediately thought it was about as close as Hollywood has come to making “Call of Duty” into a live-action film. The games are practically movies already with their intense action set-pieces and global plots. I became excited and I immediately started to count the days for the theatrical release. However, I never thought that “Act of Valor” would hit me the way that it did. As I left the theater I wasn’t settling down after seeing what looked like a promising action movie. I actually felt a little disturbed and I wished I hadn’t seen the movie in the first place.

    Somehow I don’t think that is what the directors intended. (more…)


    Ep #00045 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    This show is a great example of what happens when the Forces That Be keep Ryan, Dan and I away from each other for almost two months. We end up having a lot to talk about and, more importantly, having a great time catching up with each other. At a little over two hours this one’s a barn-burner for us but having been a part of it I don’t think you guys will mine. After all, this is my favorite 5 Hit Combo that we’ve ever done.

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00045 a listen!


    Weekly Wallpaper: Mass Effect part 1!


    We’re a little excited around here for Mass Effect, so you’ll have to excuse the enthusiasm. I mean, you understand… the game just came out!

    In fact we’re so excited (and I found so many good ones) that we’ll be doing Mass Effect for 2 weeks straight! So, get those download fingers primed and come snag some new Mass Effect themed pics for your walls.