Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

Innovation Brings Innovative Twist to an Old Theme


How many times have we all tried to advance our civilization? How long have we striven to be the first to acquire the basic building blocks for the anthropological success that our people so sorely need? For me, it’s gotta be about two decades now. I mean, in game-form, of course. I initially got my Emperor’s feet wet with the computer game Civilization, but only because I didn’t get a chance to play the board game before that. Many, many hours spent clicking away until the sound of birds chirping let me know that the only thing I’d advanced was my insomnia. More recently, I’ve fallen for card-based games like Killer Bunnies, and Munchkin, again spending hours upon hours trying to build hands and characters that will see my way to victory. Therefore the game Innovation holds a lot of appeal to me, as it gives its players an empire-building motif in the form of a card game.