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DC Comics The New 52: Catching Up With Voodoo

VoodooHeaderIf you remember reading my review of Voodoo #1 you already know two things: I had no previous knowledge of Voodoo before the relaunch and I really hated the seemingly shallow character and setting. To me this first issue represented a lot of what I don’t like about comics which mostly revolves around poor female characters. The argument and conversations concerning this topic aren’t new but they’re still happening which means that a problem still exists to some extent. In my view comics like Voodoo were perpetuating the overly sexualized and shallow female characters that run all too rampant.

A single issue, about 20 pages, is not a lot of space to delve too deep into developing a character. A couple of our readers who were much more familiar with Voodoo had commented on my review and made a case that there was definitely more to her than what there seemed. Of course, I didn’t think that what was laid out in that first issue was everything so I recently went back and picked up issue #2 through the current #6 to check things out for myself.