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  • Let’s Watch! Indie Game: The Movie (The Trailer)

    Arguably the best thing about download-only services like Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the like has been the rise of the indie game. Taking away the cost and red tape of a boxed retail distribution system has given us some gems that we might not have had access to previously, often solely created by one or two person teams.

    Filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot (of Canadian-based digital film production company BlinkWorks) have been putting together a film that tells the story of some of these games and their creators. They’ve managed to sit down with Jonathan Blow (of Braid fame), Team Meat, Phil Fish (of upcoming title Fez, the highlight of PAX East 2011 for me), Jason Rohrer (Passage) and more. That’s pretty much the Who’s Who of the indie game world right there. Hit the jump to check out the fantastic, just-released trailer.

    The team has also created a Kickstarter campaign to wrap up the rest of the needed financing. You can also preorder the DVD on the movie’s official site. As you can see in the trailer this really seems to be shaping up into something special and it might be the documentary that the modern video game world has been waiting for.


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