Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

Web Focus: Ninite.com

The Internet is a big place. In this new series we’ll take a look at different sites floating out there that we think are worth your time. If you have any sites that you think we should let people know about, leave a comment or drop us an email, podcast@perpetualgeekmachine.net.

Continuing the theme I inadvertently started in the first post of this series of being a busy adults who value their free time I find updating programs an occasional hassle. Many times I’ll sit down at my computer to do nothing else but go through and do routine “maintenance” which always includes looking for updates to software and drivers. Luckily there’s an excellent web site and service out there waiting to help you out: Ninite.com. Hit the jump to find out more about what it is and how it will save you loads of time.