Daily Archives: June 28, 2011

Let’s Play! Seven Dragons the Card Game (review)

We’re big fans of Looney Labs round these parts. There’s something refreshing about simple fun to play card games. It also doesn’t hurt that the company obviously loves what it does, and that love bleeds through to all the products they release.

Primarily known for their line of Fluxx games (we’ve reviewed both Martian Fluxx and Pirate Fluxx here before) they made waves this year with their Back to the Future card game which actually just won an award at Origins and is based on their inventive Chrononauts game system.

Seven Dragons is completely different from all those other games however. Featuring big beautiful artwork and a simple game mechanic, it’s low price point makes is a perfect inclusion in just about every game collection.

So, with that said, let’s play some Seven Dragons!