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New DnD boardgame “Conquest of Nerath” ups the tactical warfare

[We have a full review of Conquest of Nerath here! Click to check it out!]

Last year Wizards of the Coast decided to take the Dungeons and Dragons to the board game world with Castle Ravenloft which was then followed up with Wrath of Ashardalon. Both games took the 4th edition rules as a jumping off point and stripped out a lot of the rules and left us with a system where the board would run the game and you didn’t need to have a DM. What was left was an engaging dungeon crawl and an excellent way to first introduce people to the concept of combat in DnD.

For their next board game they seem to be going in a wholly different direction, allowing you to command armies and conquer wast territories of land in the more tactically minded “Conquest of Nerath.”

Lord Of The Rings and Inception Infographics

Both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Inception are incredible yet complicated and epic pieces of cinematic entertainment. Luckily design blog Co.Design features an “Infographic Of The Day” and recently they showed off one by University of Florida student JT Fridsma explaining Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy minute-by-minute. Also buried in their archives of this feature was the winning entry of their “Explain Inception” infographic contest from last August. Hit the jump to see both infographics and be sure to click on them for full size versions. 

Ep #00026 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

Federal regulations require me to inform you that this week’s 5 Hit Combo is…. Looking pretttttttty good. The whole show actually came together pretty well and covers a wide range of topics. This week we talk the video game Outland, the card game Dominion, mobile android game Hex Defense, Dungeons and Dragons Encounters and how cool it is to stand while you work. Oh, and The Lonely Island gets mentioned too. Yup, a nice wide range… just the way we like it.

Listen and enjoy!
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Board Game Review: 7 Wonders

(This game was discussed at length in Episode #00025 of the Perpetual Geek Machine podcast.)

Feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve taken a look at an analog game, feels good to get back in the saddle! This week we’re going to take a look at a game that’s been burning up the charts in the board game world, the card development game 7 Wonders!

In alot of ways 7 Wonders is like Civilization (the PC game) the card game. You can try and acquire victory in different ways, such as through as military or scientific means. There are tech trees involved that allow you to build up in areas when you specialize the types of structures you focus on. And, like it or not, you end up fighting with your neighbors. So yeah, it’s an awful lot like Civilization except for one glaring difference. 7 Wonders is super easy to learn and only takes about 30 minutes to play (as opposed to the 5 hours that the PC game does). It’s been awhile since a game is blown me away as quickly and as thoroughly as 7 Wonders has. Not since Dominion have I fallen so head over heels for a game, but 7 Wonders is very quickly rising to that level in my collection.

It’s News To Me: There’s A Portal 2 Comic Book

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Last night I finally set aside the time to finish up Portal 2. Having been thoroughly pleased and often amazed at how the game turned out only fed my desire to learn more about Aperture Laboratories (and to continue the co-op with Dan). Luckily I had a temporary fix for my needs by way of the Portal 2 Spoilercast edition of the Bombcast. While listening to it the writers of Portal 2 casually mentioned the comic book that was out. I immediately started shouting “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” at my iPod but I was in the car so this proved to be a completely ineffective way to purchase it. Much to my surprise the comic is online and FREE for all to read right here (read it in your browser or download a PDF). Hit the jump to find out a bit more.

Ep #00025 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

You’d be right to think that we would spend a good time of this show talking about the Sony Playstation Network security nonsense, but we nary even mention it! Turns out we’re just as bored of Sony’s “security” as everyone else. That leaves us more than enough time to talk card games, board games, video games and even comics! Yup, it’s a Perpetual Geek Machine that really covers the map.

Listen and enjoy!
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Review: The Shadowfell, Gloomwrought & Beyond Box Set

Last month Wizards of the Coast gave D&D players Heroes of Shadows, a tome full of anti-heroes to play. After whetting our appetites with the darker side of heroism, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested in exploring the potential of the shadow a bit more. Luckily Wizards of the Coasts must be mind-readers (or took a feat in it) cause they followed up that excellent book with a full box set!

This month they give Dungeon Masters a setting for those questionable characters to feel right at home in.

Until now the Shadowfell, the dark and imperfect plane which is meant as a reflection of the natural realm, has been a place talked about only in muted whispers. With the release of The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond it comes into focus… gloomy, unnerving focus.

If you want a little darkness in your D&D campaign, whether for a couple adventures or a full-fledged story arc, you will want to pick it up