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  • Ep #00011 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife…. it’s another episode of the Perpetual Geek Machine podcast! Episode #11 is a number to celebrate really, it’s no milestone or earmark of any kind. Yet I so enjoy doing the podcast that each one is a little celebration to me, a chance to really nerd it out and get into some goofy conversations… like about 3D printers made out of lego that print functioning lego pieces. Oh yea, we really get our nerd on here.

    So I think I have a job for you, our intrepid listeners. If you enjoy our show we’d be forever grateful if you could tell your friends about us. Right now we do this show simply because we love it, and fitting in into our normal isn’t always easy. As such we falter in to the advertising area, but I’ve always believed that word of mouth is better than a million bucks spend on google ads anyways. So if you dig the show, tell a friend to check it out… and as always we’d love to hear from you!

    Here’s the link to give Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00011 a listen!

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    Show Notes

    What’cha Been Doing? 3:14 – 48:45

    • Casltevania: Lords of Shadow was passed over without nary a thought by 2/3rds of the podcasting team, luckily Ryan zigged when the rest of us zagged and lets us know that this probably isn’t the game we expected it to be.
    • Kevin flys his sports flag for a bit with MLB:The Show 10
    • Dan picked up Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days while it was experiencing a generous discount, and plays thorough Twisted Pixel’s latest zany game… Comic Jumper. The bad guy “Brad” has a great themesong.

    Geek Spew 48:46 – 1:17:42 (Each of us brings a geek related news bit to the table to share and discuss)

    5 Hit Combo! 1:18:57 – End


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