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  • Ep #00010 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

    Mathematically speaking… this is a hell of a milestone or sorts. Factoring in The Bitcast podcasts (the totally awesome video-game podcast we did before PGM got off the ground) ended at episode 90. Now we’re airing Perpetual Geek Machine #10 so for all intents and purposes this is the #100th show for Kevin and Dan, who back with friend of the show Jim Squires got together to record on March 27, 2007 (Dan’s 30th birthday coincidentally).

    The show certainly has evolved since that time (especially in the “we sound like we know what we’re doing” department). Onward and upward!

    And with that, I present Perpetual Geek Machine: Show#00010

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    Show Notes

    What’cha Been Doing? 3:42 – 49:09

    • Dan – Dan kicks things off talking about the loved/hated Dead Rising sequel. It’s definitely a game that seems to divide people but it’s hard to argue with the pleasures in duct taping a fire axe to a sledgehammer and killing zombies with it. There are minor diversions into Civ 5 and Halo Reach but most of the time was spent zombie murdering
    • Kevin – Kevin talks Minecraft and ponders it’s long-term place in the gaming landscape and then talk Dungeons and Dragons where Kevin is a player but Dan runs the whole damn universe. Well, trying to… he’s still learning.
    • Ryan – The Move controller is out, and Ryan has been getting his fill of Move Sports Champions. Turns out the ping-pong game is pretty damn good. Also, Enslaved dropped from the makers of Heavenly Sword.

    Geek Spew 49:10 – 1:11:46 (Each of us brings a geek related news bit to the table to share and discuss)

    5 Hit Combo! 1:11:56 – 1:41:56


    One response to “Ep #00010 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast”

    1. Hey guys,

      Great show as usual! Always look forward to the PGM! The biweekly format and length of the show mean that you guys can cover what you want and it’s not like I’m overwhelmed by the amount of PGM I’m getting. I think that’s one reason I burned out on Major Nelson’s podcast… 1.5-2+ hour shows every week get a bit exhausting, but 1.5-2 hours every TWO weeks works out perfectly!

      Dan, glad to hear you’re enjoying Dead Rising 2! I loved Case Zero but haven’t picked up DR2 yet as I’ve been too busy with other games and life in general to justify picking it up right now. I’m also one of those guys who enjoyed Dead Rising so I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements they’ve made to the full game. Multiplayer sounds like fun and I quite enjoyed the trailers they put out that first showed off the Terror Is Reality concept. Have you tried the co-op portion of the game out yet? I downloaded the demo for Civ 5 the other week, but still haven’t given it a shot. I purchased Civ 4 last year on the recommendation of some coworkers who love it, but couldn’t get into it… takes too long for my tastes. Might give it a try sometime in the near future here, but who knows. Also, Halo: Reach, yeah… definitely try and play it on 4 player co-op campaign if you can. Me and three buddys played through it in about 6-8 hours on Legendary the weekend after it launched. Yay for huge achievement unlocks in one go! There were still quite a few tough spots on it but it was mostly enjoyable. I do have to say that I’m disappointed there wasn’t a Maw-like level (or whatever the equivalent is on Halo 3) as I quite enjoy those levels. If you’re looking for somebody to play some Reach with, throw me an invite on Xbox Live. Gamertag is the same as the name.

      Kevin, glad to see that somebody from PGM is trying out Minecraft. First thing you should do is head over to http://www.minepedia.net and get up to speed on crafting recipes to get you started on what you need. If you’re looking to check out some multiplayer stuff, throw an e-mail my way (available in the comments admin, or you may have it still) and I can show you a private server a buddy of mine hosts, or recommend a pretty friendly one that I inhabit every now and then. I will say that it might take a little bit of time for Minecraft to sink in, as it took me about a week to really get into it. Don’t be afraid to keep starting new worlds till you find one that appeals to you. I agree that the UI needs to be overhauled though. Tool tips or something that identifies what you’re mousing over would be great for determining what the hell you actually have in your inventory. There’s also an update coming out at the end of the month which is supposed to introduce some new changes; details can be found here http://www.minecraft.net/boo/.

      Ryan, glad to hear you’re enjoying the Move! Still not sure that I’m sold on it, but hearing details about the gladiator and ping pong games definitely is piquing my interest. Only problem I’d have is right now, the basement suite where my PS3 is has about… oh, three feet between the couch and TV and therefore, is neither Move or Kinect compatible. Maybe once the PS3 and fiancee move to Medicine Hat with me, I might consider picking one up. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Castlevania as that’s another game I’d like to pick up in the future.

      For geek spew stuff, not alot to comment on there. I saw the Panasonic Jungle article over at Ars Technica first and had the same thought as you, Ryan, when I saw the design: what the fuck year is this from? I thought ars had just grabbed some old handheld pic I’d never seen and used that. Alas, they didn’t. I have to say that I find the PSP user range to be a bit older than most would think. There are probably 5 or 6 guys at the place where I work who all have PSPs. They tend to use them for movies/video as we travel quite a bit where I work. We’re also a pretty technologically inclined company, so that might contribute to so many people in a 35 person company having them. There’s also something like 10 of us with PS3s… Don’t have to worry about traffic jams that much as the city I’m living in takes about 15 minutes to get from one end to the other during rush hour… of course, this is also a ‘city’ of about 60,000 people so it’s not like there’s a huge amount of traffic to deal with in the beginning. The earth-like atmosphere planet is very cool, Dan. I hadn’t heard anything about this so that was kind of eye-opening and awe-inspiring. My own geek spew to throw in the pot would be I’ve been playing with Netflix Canada, and have been enjoying it although I can’t wait for the selection to expand more. Being streaming only, it seems as if there isn’t a device activation limit as I watch it on my 360 and my fiancee watches it on the PS3 without having to activate each one every time we swap between them. There’s not a ton on there, but they’re adding more fairly steadily and for $8/month, I’m gonna keep it past my free one month trial. It’s cheaper than not eating dinner out once a month, for crying out loud! Another thing that helps me deal with it is I’m not a TV junkie to begin with so there aren’t any shows I have to see IMMEDIATELY as they air so going through back catalogs is fine for me. Their anime selection is getting pretty decent too which is nice, as it’s nigh-impossible to find on cable in Canada so that saves me some money (doesn’t help that I don’t have a TV service to start with….).

      Loved the 5-hit combo this week! There were some great choices in there and it was cool to see how wide the variety of people ranged. I’ve been thinking about this topic since I heard the podcast and have been unable to pin down who I’d want to eat with… two people who have made it on to the list are Gary Larson of Farside fame and Elizabeth Bathory just to see if the “Blood Countess” thing was true or bullshit. That whole story has always intrigued me.

      Looking forward to show #00011, guys!