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    Above, we are pleased to link this fantastic little editing project by friend of the show (and sometime Atomic Geek) Mark Dury.

    I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

    I was in the mood to make something silly. Or maybe I just wanted to destroy something beautiful. Either way, the finale from A New Hope ended up getting digitized into my edit suite, and in very short order my suspicions were confirmed: I could make it look like Luke missed his chance to blow up the Death Star. After sifting through the footage I realized there was a treasure trove of moments that could be exploited. Mark Hamill was just so expressive in his role. Sometimes just a quick glance, or the way a phrase was uttered could be put into a completely different context and really change the outcome of the whole sequence.

    It isn’t perfect, far from it, but I think it stands up pretty well, and there is plenty in there for the fans to enjoy. Special thanks to Ryan for his input as well. It would have been a mistake to leave Tarkin out. Hope you like it!

    I still don’t know how the fuck he cut around the music.


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    2. I posted this on Facebook to let friends know about it.

      My fiancee’s response (besides liking it, obviously!):

      “Most impressive

      …. Sorry, was it not time for campy Star Wars quotes?”