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Ep #00003 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

I gotta tell ya listeners, I fucking love doing this show. While I love and adore videogames and could talk about them how HOURS upon hours I do love to get my nerd on in all aspects of my life… Hell, we all do. In this show alone we talk Pixar, Comics, Harry Potter, video games, Futurama and lots more. It’s all over the nerd map, just the way we like it!

Follow along with the super involved show notes below or just download this fucker and sync it to your podcast player of choice, I’ll be rocking my Rio PMP300 with 32mg of memory!

Click here to listen to Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00003

Snub Fighter

Above, we are pleased to link this fantastic little editing project by friend of the show (and sometime Atomic Geek) Mark Dury.

I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

I was in the mood to make something silly. Or maybe I just wanted to destroy something beautiful. Either way, the finale from A New Hope ended up getting digitized into my edit suite, and in very short order my suspicions were confirmed: I could make it look like Luke missed his chance to blow up the Death Star. After sifting through the footage I realized there was a treasure trove of moments that could be exploited. Mark Hamill was just so expressive in his role. Sometimes just a quick glance, or the way a phrase was uttered could be put into a completely different context and really change the outcome of the whole sequence.

It isn’t perfect, far from it, but I think it stands up pretty well, and there is plenty in there for the fans to enjoy. Special thanks to Ryan for his input as well. It would have been a mistake to leave Tarkin out. Hope you like it!

I still don’t know how the fuck he cut around the music.

Ep #00002 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast

This one ladies and gentlemen is a barn burner! Luckily for everyone involved it never gets boring!

This show spends a good amount of time talking about video games, certainly more than we’re hoping to in PGM. However, it is E3 week so all the great gaming announcements are the biggest thing going in the nerd world. So we get down on all the news coming out of the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences.

Now that’s not all we talked about, in fact we covered a ton more! Follow the link below to read about it all or just click to listen!Click here to listen to Perpetual Geek Machine: Show #00002

Ep #00001 – Perpetual Geek Machine Podcast


What a strange feeling to not start off the post with the words “bitcast.” After 90 episodes it feels off-putting to put the term to bed, yet I can’t help but be excited about moving to greener pastures. In a lot of ways it’s the same old show, but with a brand new coat of polish unfound in the old bitcast days. What you’ll find here is what we think to be a more refined, professional version of what we used to do. We all went into the show nervous even though we’ve literally done it over 100 times now. It was new, fresh and exciting and I think it came across in the recording.

The dust is still settling around here, but we’ve opened for business nonetheless. It’s an exciting time and you’ll see features and enhancements hit the site over the next week or so as it all solidifies. Until then, let’s get on with the show!

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